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Round 4: Now Complete

All remixes have been posted and are [ tagged by fandom and original author ], as well as category and round. They are also all [memoried by fandom, category and round. ]

We had 76 entries in some 30+ fandoms, which is three times more than we've had in any of the previous rounds! There were remarkably few late turn-ins/defaults, and we had a number of fantastic pinch hitters working behind the scenes to ensure everyone received at least one remix. Many, many thanks to everyone who went above and beyond and turned in multiple remixes, as well as all those kind folks who pre-formatted things for me. ♥

A few of you may have noticed that this round had a few growing pains. I did have some additional difficulties organizing things because of the non-reciprocity in combination with the option of writing multiple remixes and the larger number of participants, but I did everything I could to make sure that everyone who signed up to be remixed received at least one. I do wish I'd been able to balance out the writing-receiving numbers a bit more, but I am very grateful to all those who wrote so many remixes, especially without the guarantee of receiving equal back.

Sorry it took so long for everything to go public; next round I'll definitely get some co-mods to help out so the ficathon isn't so subject to my time availability.

Things to keep in mind now that the remixes are posted:

Authors will not be revealed for one week. That means NO REPLYING to your feedback, and if you absolutely must, do it anonymously. If you want to keep track of comments on any of the posts, use the tracking option—the little thumb tack symbol you'll see right next to the notify a friend option up at the top of every post. The "remix author:" tags will be edited in with the reveal.

For the love of all politeness, thank your remixer.

Go forth, feedback, offer love to the authors, and feel free to speculate about who did/didn't remix you. You can ask questions here, but do NOT leave comments about any of your remixes here as that will compromise anonymity. A post will be going up right after this with screened comments precisely for such concerns, and you also e-mail me at any time at diminutive_giant [at] yahoo [dot] com.
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