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★ Numb3rs: Remembrance Of (The Son's Remix)

[ Colby Granger, OFC, OMC | G | 100 words ]
Sometimes the most important story isn’t the one we think to tell.

Spoilers: The Janus List, Trust Metric.
Original story: Remembrance of Friends Passed by emmademarais, 2,591 words.
Remix author: izhilzha

Remembrance Of (The Son's Remix)

“Do it for your son,” Granger argued when he called to tell me that my traitorous ex-husband had finally gone to hell.

I don’t think dragging Andrew to the funeral is going help him say goodbye. Yet here we are.

Granger reaches up to take off his sunglasses. His wrist is black with bruising. “Owie,” Andrew says.

“The bad guys caught me,” Granger tells Andrew. “But your dad? He saved me.”

“Really?” The skepticism in his tone hurts; no kid should sound like that.

“Yeah.” Granger crouches to Andrew’s level, voice near breaking. “He was really brave.”

My son smiles.
Tags: -round 4-, fandom: numb3rs, original author: emmademarais, remix author: izhilzha

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