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♢ Harry Potter: The Source of Severus' Sourness (The Smile Is But A Souvenir Remix)

♢ [ Severus Snape, female!Salazar Slytherin, SS/SS | PG | 150 words ]
A snake stolen sparks Snape's suspicion on the softer sex.

Original story: S.O.B Story by isiscolo, 650 words.
Remix author: benebu

The Source of Severus' Sourness (The Smile Is But A Souvenir Remix)

Severus Snape was so the solitary sod. His scowls and snarls scarcely secured him any sympathy.

A suffering schoolboy subsisted, still, under the sour surface. A sad scenario, at the start of his schooldays, had separated him from his steadiest support: his soft Susie (a sensational stuffed snake). To Susie he sang, with Susie he slept; a shame for a schoolboy, so it stayed a secret – surely that isn’t surprising.

A stuttered spell had sufficed: Salazar Slytherin herself had sauntered in out of a smoke screen. Slytherinly – ha ha – Sally had sidetracked him with smooches and snogs and significant sexiness. His schoolboy senses soon saturated, he had sat stupidly, stunned, when his siren’s slyness had struck: sensing the spell springing her back, Sally had seized Susie Snake, snatching it from its spot!

Since, Severus has stayed away from smart, sexy, skirt-wearing sirens – once they’ve squeezed your snake, they sneak away.
Tags: -round 4-, fandom: harry potter, original author: isiscolo, remix author: benebu

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