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♢ Harry Potter/Stargate Atlantis: Happy Memory (The Grace Under Pressure Remix)

♢ [ Rodney (implied Rodney/Sam) | PG | 250 words ]
“It was a bear” - How Rodney found his patronus.

Original story: Clarke's Law by isiscolo, 21,300.
Remix author: lady_smith

Happy Memory (The Grace Under Pressure Remix)

The Wraiths came at them out of nowhere, barreling past Ronan and directly at Telya, who recovered her wits just quickly enough to squeeze off a few shots. Rodney joined in a moment later and the Wraith’s body hit the ground. Before they’d found their bearings the second Wraith arrived and planted his hand on Teyla’s chest and began to feed.

Ronon hesitated, wanting to fire but unwilling to risk hitting Teyla. Rodney’s mind cast around desperately for something, anything - and almost of its own accord, his hands closed on his wa... no, dammit, Ancient Will Amplifying Device.

Happy memory, happy memory Rodney thought desperately, beyond caring about refusing to believe in magic or his total inability to figure out how this ancient tech worked. He ruffled franticly through his memories, an endless parade of parental disapproval, scorn, ruined dreams, bad dates, near death experiences, hopeless crushes...

He felt a gentle kiss on his cheek, and eyes went wide with amazement. He pointed at the still wet spot on his face. “That... that means you don’t hate me!”

“Yup,” Sam grinned. “Too bad for you.”

He blinked stupidly. “Why?”

Sam’s grin grew more wicked. “I was much more attracted to you when I did.”

Hope. A chance. The memory came back to him with all the giddy lightheaded joy he’d felt then.

Expecto Patronum! he cried, and the great silver bear erupted from the end of his – holy crap, yes – magic wand, shattering the Wraith to dust.
Tags: -round 4-, fandom: [crossovers], fandom: harry potter, fandom: stargate atlantis, original author: isiscolo, remix author: lady_smith

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