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★ Lord of the Rings: Spring (The New Leaf Remix)

[ Merry/Frodo | PG | 100 words ]
Visiting old friends.

Original story: Family and Friends by sophinisba, 11,265 words.
Remix author: exeterlinden

Spring (The New Leaf Remix)

He slept by the brook and woke to hatchlings chirping in the willows. He breakfeasted on dried apples, smoked pork, mushrooms and spring water.

Having set out late, he didn’t reach Bag End until late afternoon. Frodo was waiting at the door. Thin, a little tired, but smiling.

With a year gone by, it was still a thrill to see him free of the Ring. Merry couldn’t help it; he kissed him full on the mouth.

Frodo startled, then returned the kiss. Tea, rose soap, Toby leaf and bakery. Lips warm and dry against his.

“Thank you for coming, Merry.”
Tags: -round 4-, fandom: lord of the rings, original author: sophinisba, remix author: exeterlinden
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