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Firefly: Five Secrets About River (The Just Beneath Surface Remix)

[ Inara, Shepherd, Simon, Jayne, Zoe, River | PG | 176 words ]
What they know about River.

Warnings: implied incest.
Original story: Five Things River Tam Secretly Knows about the Serenity Crew by sophinisba, 100 words.
Remix author: exeterlinden

Five Secrets About River (The Just Beneath Surface Remix)

Inara knows about River and her brother. She has been professionally trained to detect repressed desire.

Book is the only one on Serenity who knows what they did to the girl. He was never part of it, but he knew of it and he let it happen. He believes that higher powers put him on Serenity to show him the evil in denial.

Simon knows that River would do it if he were willing to cross that line; he knows how much she loves him, and exactly how little she cares about wrong and right.

Jayne knows that fighters without scars are either fresh and easy, or too deadly to touch. He sees River move, sees her handle kitchen knives and cutlery – and he knows what category she falls under.

Zoe’s aware that River spies on them. She pretends not to notice because she knows that it’s the normal young girl inside River who is watching them laugh, bicker, cry, or make love – memorizing and mimicking, trying to remember how.
Tags: -round 4-, fandom: firefly, original author: sophinisba, remix author: exeterlinden
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