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Firefly: Visual Binaries (The Present Participle Remix)

[ River/Simon | PG | 143 words ]
Watching brother dream.

Warnings: Incest.
Original story: Lost and Found by melodyunity, 1,478 words.
Remix author: exeterlinden

Visual Binaries (The Present Participle Remix)

Feet against feet. Watching brother dream.

Dreaming loudly, woke her up. All of them on the ship, they’re loud in the quiet; singing out into the cold and dark, like stars.

Before, she was alone. A lone star. Reducing and controlling stimuli, be careful what you think around her. Punch, kick, punch, swirling and sweating in an empty room. Tinny voice, keep going River, it’s just like dancing. Remember how you love to dance?

Brother wakes up, flushed and warm. Never careful about what he thinks or what he feels. Mei-mei. Emotion blazing out every time he sees her. Sister, I found you, what do I do now, love to see you smile. Love her more than anything.

Two by two, they should be, like Zoe and Wash. Like lovers. Leaning in, hush, it’s alright.

Lips against lips. Hearing brother sigh.
Tags: -round 4-, fandom: firefly, original author: melodyunity, remix author: exeterlinden
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