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♡ Heroes: Fragments (The Tattered Pages Remix)

♡ [ Nathan, Peter | G | 102 words ]
Nathan found the old diary in Peter’s apartment.

Original story: these tattered pages by takethesky87, 102 words
Remix author: sophinisba

Fragments (The Tattered Pages Remix)

I had my first kiss today.

The first entry after a space of months. Nathan found the old diary in Peter’s apartment after he got out of the hospital. The pages are so fragile he’s afraid they’ll fall apart in his hands as soon as they’ve given up these innocent young secrets.

I can’t tell Nathan about this. He’d just laugh.

He tells himself he wouldn’t have, that he would have been the kind and supportive older brother, but his own adolescent mind is a mystery. All he knows is that today the tears are hot like exploding fire on his skin.
Tags: -round 4-, fandom: heroes, original author: takethesky87, remix author: sophinisba
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