April 10th, 2008

♡ Slings and Arrows: Three's a Crowd (The Taming of the Shrew Remix)

♡ [ Geoffery/Ellen, Oliver/Geoffrey | R | 300 words ]
Geoffrey’s never alone. He may think he is from time to time, but that’s only because Oliver lets him think he’s alone.

Original story: Pas de Trois by malnpudl, 300 words.
Remix author: lady_smith

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❤ Harry Potter: Taking Sides (The Between-the-Lines Remix)

[ The Brothers Black | G | 100 words (text in parentheses) ]
It’s what they don’t say that they’ll remember.

Author’s Notes: The way I approached this remix necessitated having the text of the original story included in the body of the remix. 2_4_joy’s original text is the top line; the remixed text is in parentheses.

Original Story: Taking Sides, by 2_4_joy, 100 words.
Remix author: theswearingkind

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✩ Firefly: Fowl Balls (The Ain't Nobody Here But Us Remix)

✩ [ Jayne | PG | 200 words ]
The worst thing about being a rooster.

Original story: Fowl Tempered by lyrstzha, 365 words.
Remix author: isiscolo

Author’s Note: While the remix and the story it remixes each stand alone, both are sequels to the 1200-word Fowl Play (PG, Jayne gen) and neither makes much sense without it. Or with it, for that matter.

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✩ Battlestar Galactica: Leave This Behind (The Indivisible Remix)

✩ [ Boomer!Eight/Sixteen!Eight | PG | 200 words ]
Each of you is minutely distinct, yet she—she is more to you than the others.

Original story: Five Things That Never Happened to Sharon Valerii by projectcyborg, 1,052 words (#1 only).
Remix author: trascendenza

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✩ Stargate Atlantis: Iced (The Competitive Remix)

✩ [ Rodney, John | G | 200 words]
Winter means ice hockey, even in Atlantis.

Original story: untitled double-drabble by malnpudl, 200 words.
Remix author: isiscolo

Author’s Notes: This is a remix of the 12th ficlet on the page, the one that begins Rodney felt so cold. In the original: “Each drabble had to use one sentence or phrase from any of the other drabbles in the tree. The sentence I used in each one is in bold” so I kept that.

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