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Round 7 fic list #7: Graphics and animation

Fruits Basket

Flimsy Excuses (The Puppy Dog Eyes Remix) [Shigure/Hatori, 302 words, rated PG-13], for lady_ganesh


Knowledge (The Sacrificial Remix) [John/Chas, Chas/Renee, 200 words, rated PG], for moontyger


Counting Seconds (The Clock of Damocles Remix) [Chase, 100 words, rated PG, spoilers for Volume 2, issue 4], for crevanfox


Shameless (The No Trouble in Paradise Remix) [Tenpou/Kenren/Konzen, 100 words, rated R, no spoilers], for wordsofastory

Discretion (The Trouble in Paradise Remix) [Tenpou/Kenren/Konzen, 100 words, rated R, no spoilers], for wordsofastory

Weiss Kreuz

Otherside (The Not All Roses Remix) [Crawford/Schuldig, 500 words, rated PG], for lady_ganesh

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (The Everything Has a Price Remix) [Crawford/Schuldig, 373 words, rated NC-17], for gwonam

Yami No Matsui

Portrait of a Voyeur (the Melon Overdub) [Muraki, Hisoka, Tsuzuki, 100 words, rated PG-13 for possible implications], for p_zeitgeist

Responsibility (Predator and Prey Remix) [Muraki, Hisoka, 100 words, rated PG, spoilers for the Queen Camellia arc], for p_zeitgeist

Prize of War [Hisoka/Oriya, 300 words, rated R], for veleda_k

Friends (The Serendipity Remix) [Tsuzuki/Watari, 100 words, rated PG], for wordsofastory

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Science Fiction
Doctor Who and Torchwood
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