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Round 7 fic list #6: Disney

High School Musical

Caught Out There (The Judas Remix) [Troy/Ryan, Sharpay, 150 words, rated G], for amory_vain

Life With Derek

Writing Love (The Fuck My Life Remix) [Derek/Casey implied, 100 words, rated T], for ayadec

And The Reason Is You (Courtship 2.0 - Derek and Casey style Remix) [Derek/Casey, 576 words, rated K+], for moirariordan

The Perfect Gift (A.K.A Ralph is Awesome Remix) [Ralph/Amanda, 390 words, rated K+], for ayadec

Wizards Of Waverly Place

Burn Your Life Down (Cities In Dust Remix) [Justin/Alex, 500 words, rated PG-13, incest], for moirariordan

Springs Eternal (The Redux Remix) [Justin/Alex, 500 words, rated PG-13, incest], for applepips16

Fragmented (The Petrified Remix) [Justin/Alex implied, 100 words, rated T], for applepips16

Aphrodite’s curse (Girdle of Desire remix) [Justin/Alex, 874 words, rated PG, implications of incest, sexual references, possibly gratuitous mythological and folkloric references], for amathela

If you put your mind to it (You can't roller-skate in a buffalo herd remix) [Justin, Alex, 554 words, rated PG, incestuous themes], for applepips16

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Science Fiction
Doctor Who and Torchwood
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