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Round 7 fic list #5: C6D

due South

Full Moon Over Chicago (The Heterozygous Gene Remix) [Fraser/RayK, 400 words, rated PG-13], for luzula

Dream (Into Color Remix) [Fraser, 100 words, rated G], for americanjedi

Respiration (Breathe Deep Remix) [Fraser, 100 words, rated G], for luzula

Nothing But Color (The Cold As Fuck Remix) [Fraser/Kowalski, 300 words, rated R], for simplystars

Journey Of The Beast (The White Wolf Remix) [Diefenbaker, Fraser, 349 words, rated PG], for kernezelda

The Joy of Commerce (The Money, Money, Money Remix) [Diefenbaker, 164 words, rated PG], for isiscolo

The Snowy Day (Territorial Imperative Remix) [Fraser/Kowalski & Dief, 300 words, rated G], for akamine_chan

Perchance (Solitary Remix) [Diefenbaker, 100 words, rated G], for akamine_chan

Shape of My Heart (Geometry & Metaphor Remix) [Fraser/Kowalski, 250 words, rated G], for akamine_chan

Slings & Arrows

All My Sins Remembered (The After The Swans Remix) [Ellen/Geoffrey, Oliver, 223 words, rated R], for kernezelda

Slings & Arrows: Play the Part (The Remix Told By an Idiot, Signifying Nothing) [Geoffrey, 100 words, rated G], for akamine_chan

Wilby Wonderful

Brittle (The Two Men, Touching Remix) [Val/Dan, Duck/Dan, 216 words, rated PG], for isiscolo

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Science Fiction
Doctor Who and Torchwood
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