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Farscape: Furlow Is

Original Fic: Three things that never happened to Furlow, by pdxscaper
Remix: Furlow Is [Furlow, 136 words, rated PG] by rodlox

Furlow knows what Furlow wants.

Is patient. Is a smartass (Crichton's word).

Is more than capable and able to repair a more-than-half-dead piece of rubble back into a ship -- and has done so more than once. Usually getting paid handsomely.

Is clever. Has contacts across a chunk of Charted and Uncharted both.

Furlow knows what Furlow isn't.

Cruel and snapping and lashing out whips at shazbots. Or vicariously living thrills through the reports and tales of others, while lying around doing nada (also Crichton's word).

Furlow knows what Furlow can be.

It matters not what the events were that led to this moment, what timeline or universe this doesn't even matter what time of day or epoch it is. Furlow will do what is right for Furlow, friends next in line.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: farscape, original author: pdxscaper, remix author: rodlox

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