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Round 7 fic list #2: Jossverse

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

To Boldly Go (The Remix) [Dawn, 508 words, rated PG], for kindkit

Holding (The stalwart and true Remix) [Willow, Xander, mentions Giles, Tara, Warren, 150 words, rated PG-13, implied character deaths], for izhilzha

Human (The hope springs eternal Remix) [Ethan, Giles, 150 words, rated PG, a few swear words], for kindkit

Prodigy (The Unexpected Consequences Remix) [Giles/Olivia, 100 words, rated PG, spoilers for the entire television series], for duh_i_read

Depth Perception (The Pursuit Of Happiness Remix) [Xander/Buffy, 330 words, rated PG, set post-series], for allfireburns

Angel the Series

Fade Out (The meant to be Remix) [Gunn, 200 words, rated PG-13, implied death, violence, swearing], for kindkit


Being Helpful (Coffee Remix) [River/Mal, 100 words, rated K+], for n_e_star

Since I Found Serenity (The Dysdaimonia Remix) [Jayne, Kaylee, 100 words, rated PG], for lotus0kid

Distilled (The Radiator Coils and White Sugar Remix) [River, Simon/Kaylee, 150 words, rated PG-13], for n_e_star

Directions (The Overseas Aid Remix) [Zoë/Wash, semi-OCs, 516 words, rated G], for 2ndary_author

Soaring High (The Rusted Wingspan Remix) [Mal/River, 100 words, rated R], for little_missmimi

Intuition (the Mother Knows Best remix) [Regan and Gabriel Tam, 100 words, rated G, no warnings], for melodyunity

Her Mind's Eye [River, Simon, 100 words, rated G], for crevanfox

Equanimity (The gemini rising Remix) [River, 150 words, rated PG], for little_missmimi

Equanimity (The Weightlessness Remix) [River, 100 words, rated G], for little_missmimi

Unmentionables (The Birthday Girl Remix) [Inara/Kaylee, 293 words, rated PG], for little_missmimi


Starches And Other Inappropriate Temptations (The Slightly More British Remix) [Dominic/Adelle, 250 words, rated PG-13, spoilers up to Echoes], for duh_i_read

Show Me Love [Topher, Claire, 250 words, rated PG-13], for iambickilometer

You can find entries via these index posts, livejournal tags, and our delicious account.

Remember, remixes will remain anonymous for the next week, so please don't repost your fics or respond to feedback until author names have been revealed. Please do remember to leave feedback for people who wrote a remix of one of your fics.

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Doctor Who and Torchwood
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