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Due South: Perchance (Solitary Remix)

Original Fic: Symmetry, by akamine_chan
Remix: Perchance (Solitary Remix) [Diefenbaker, 100 words, rated G], by kernezelda

You dream.

Darkness, warmth, soft bodies clambering over you. Snuffle and sniff, struggle toward foodfemalewolfpack.

Remember: stalking, leaping, teeth clicking empty, belly growling. The others grew still. She fell to the food you hunted.

Cold, hungry; fearful: alone. You fell, but no wolf answered your cries.

A creature, food or not food, you didn’t know - large, clawless, tailless. Alien eyes that said he, too, was alone.

Sleeping limbs twitch - scrabbling up an earthen wall, running with him through stone forests, denning higher than eagle nests.

Wake. Sniff the air, leap on the bed. Snuffle and wriggle between warm bodies.

Tags: -round 7-, fandom: due south, original author: akamine_chan, remix author: kernezelda

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