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Doctor Who: The Doctor and Clyde Go Adventuring (the raffle resort remix)

Original Fic: The Doctor and Clyde Go Adventuring (or, Don't Drink the Water), by purple_bug
Remix: The Doctor and Clyde Go Adventuring (the raffle resort remix) [Ten, Clyde, Luke, Sarah-Jane, 200 words, rated G], by clocketpatch

“You okay?” Clyde asked.

“Do you really want an answer?” came the strained reply.

Clyde rolled his eyes. “That’s shaming, that is.”

“Mum told us not to, and then you did,” said Luke. “According to the brochures –”

“Wasn’t just your mum,” said Clyde, motioning at the closed door. “He corroborated.”

“I only said that you shouldn’t; I have a superior immune system.”

“Superior my foot,” said Sarah-Jane, making her entrance with a package of Gravol, hastily purchased at the resort pharmacy. “Everyone knows the first rule of travelling is –”

She looked to her companions.

“Don’t drink the water!”


“And what’s the other cardinal rule while travelling?” Clyde asked.

The Doctor refused to meet his eyes.

“Honestly,” said Clyde. “According to Sarah-Jane you’ve been zipping across solar systems since there were dinosaurs.”

“I’m not that old.”

“Still,” said Clyde. “You should know better. Even I know better.”

“There weren’t any pockets in my swim trucks!” the Doctor protested.

“Then don’t go wandering off in your swim trucks!”

“I was –”

“Got it!” Sarah-Jane entered the security office, psychic paper held aloft in a clear plastic baggy. She fixed the Doctor a stern look.

“No saving the world without your passport!”
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: doctor who, original author: purple_bug, remix author: clocketpatch

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