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Supernatural: A Thousand Doors to Paradise (The Heavenly Remix)

Original Fic: untitled, by crevanfox
Remix: A Thousand Doors to Paradise (The Heavenly Remix) [Sam, Dean, 424 words, rated PG-13], by little_missmimi

Dean's back from Hell, tortured and traumatized, and he tries to act like nothing's wrong. He's still trying to be strong for you; you don't press him on it. He finds a case--something with kids who died after they played on a railroad track--and starts driving, heading for Oregon. The only sound in the car is the screech of Michael Monarch's guitar. You don't say anything; he can keep his secrets, and you can keep yours.


Gearhart is a bitch of a town to find--it takes you so long that even with the nap in the car, you just want to crash at the nearest motel, but it's too early. You're surprised when Dean pulls into a little diner instead of the local tavern, but you keep your mouth shut.

You're not very hungry--all you order is a Coke and a salad. "You eat like a girl," Dean scoffs under his breath.

"What about you, sugar?" the waitress asks him. She's thirtyish, and almost exactly his type: a redhead; curvy, with a medium-sized chest.

"Two cheeseburgers with everything on 'em--"

"Do you want quart--"

"Two half-pound cheeseburgers with everything on 'em, a large side of fries--extra crispy, and a chocolate milkshake. And blueberry pie, if you have it."

When she's done scribbling the order on her notepad, she asks, "Anything else?"

"Your number." Dean winks, grinning.

You're used to it by now. You're a little surprised he didn't abandon you with the shitload of food he ordered and invite her back to the motel room. After what he went through, he's supposed to want his privacy.


He finishes the meal within minutes of its arrival, and digs into the pie like he hasn't just eaten a pound of beef. Even though you didn't want a slice before, you sort of do now, but the only kind on the menu is blueberry, and you like cherry better.

Dean scrapes his fork across the plate, gathering up crumbs and smears of blueberry. There's a dot of it on his cheek, but you let the waitress tell him. The annoyed look on his face is worth it.

"Can I get a rain check on that drink?" he asks.

You raise your eyebrows. It's not like him to turn down a drink and a girl. "Think it's just gonna be you and me tonight, Sammy," he says quietly, after she walks away. Off your smile, he adds, "Oh, please. It's not about you. She's just...not that cute."

Yep. Dean is back.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: supernatural, original author: crevanfox, remix author: little_missmimi

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