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Heroes: Defying Gravity (The Progression Remix)

Original Fic: 10 Microfics, by visiblemarket
Remix: Defying Gravity (The Progression Remix) [Claude/Peter, 100 words, rated PG-13], by trascendenza

He watches Peter fly, smiling despite himself. It's about time.


Claude laughs suddenly, unexpectedly.

Peter wants to hear it again.


Peter screams, Claude pushes. Peter walks away.

Claude doesn't follow.


Behind Peter's eyes there are too many futures to avoid. London in ruins, oceans churning black and red. Claude dead.


"Help me," he asks.

"Idiot." But Claude lets him in. "Can't even properly pout, can you?"

Peter feels at home.


Claude's poised, about to fall; closing his eyes, he smells the soft Parisian rain. Lips linger on scars past healing.

Peter sighs into his neck and together, they go over the edge.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: heroes, original author: visiblemarket, remix author: trascendenza

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