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Firefly: Unmentionables (The Birthday Girl Remix)

Original Fic: Lately, by little_missmimi
Remix: Unmentionables (The Birthday Girl Remix) [Inara/Kaylee, 293 words, rated PG], by lotus0kid

Every girl of Inara’s acquaintance asks sooner or later, and Kaylee in this respect was no different. “What kinda Companion do you think I’d be, Nara?”

She smiled automatically, but, quite suddenly, the truth spilled out, “Kaylee, you’re too sweet for a Companion’s life. It requires a certain amount of emotional detachment, and your emotions are so powerful and honest... It would be a crime to cut you or anyone off from them.”

“Oh.” She was disappointed. She wanted to imagine the beautiful parties she would attend and possessions she would own. The instruments she would play and the clients she would entertain. Something in Inara died then, because she knew she would never make Kaylee understand how amazing she was. How, with grease stains and strawberries, she made a Companion adore her.

Inara knows a little about a lot. That’s what she’s been given, just enough to get by in conversation. It’s the uncomfortable truth that what she knows a lot about seldom involves any words at all. But- no- not uncomfortable. It’s only as uncomfortable as she lets it be, and so, the Companion squares her shoulders and marches into the lingerie shop. She glides through the aisles impassively, letting curious glances go through her like air. There’s an awful bustle in the back- the shop owner no doubt beside herself at the thought of a Companion wearing her clothing. She never has to know that it will clothe someone far more special than Inara. Her eyes fall on a delicate set of bra and panties. A subtle shade of pink, more rose than bubble gum. Black trim she just can’t talk the sting in her heart out of.

Later, the hour ticks over, and it is no longer Kaylee’s birthday.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: firefly, original author: little_missmimi, remix author: lotus0kid

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