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Stargate SG-1: The Goa'uld Within (The Unfortunate Life of Daniel Jackson Remix)

Original Fic: The 5 AUs Where Daniel and Vala Ended Up Together, by crevanfox
Remix: The Goa'uld Within (The Unfortunate Life of Daniel Jackson Remix) [Daniel/Vala, 100 words, rated R, warnings: non-con, drugs], by goddess47

Daniel looked up, startled. "Vala?" He couldn't hide the hope.

When she looked back with cool, gray eyes, his heart sank. Not Vala, but Qetesh.

Something must have piqued her curiosity for she did not have him killed, as she did many others, but had his leg healed. It wasn't until he found himself cleaned up, chained naked to a bed that he realized what she wanted. By then the drugs had taken over and his need for release was painful. The lust, demanding.

After, he realized they were both prisoners. There was no one left to rescue them.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: stargate sg-1, original author: crevanfox, remix author: goddess47

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