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Firefly: Equanimity (The gemini rising Remix)

Original Fic: Equanimity, by little_missmimi
Remix: Equanimity (The gemini rising Remix) [River, 150 words, rated PG], by crevanfox

It pulls and it pushes.

Even docked as far from the edge of it, River can feel the ocean. She can smell the crisp scent of real air (not recycled, unhygienic and on a breeze, not out of vent) kissed by the sea (pungent).

Like a river returning to the ocean that spawns it, River slips out of the ship, skips and twists over rocks, past people and buildings to the oceans edge.

No one notices her leave, all too concerned with their own little worlds (cheap alternator, studies, money, women).

Too hot sand pushes her forward. Burns at her feet until her toes dip into the edge of cool wet sand, sprayed by the ocean.

The call of the ship (they need her) pulls her back. The needs and wants of a ship full of people calls her home.

With a sigh she turns.

She knows she'll be back.

Rivers always flow to the sea.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: firefly, original author: little_missmimi, remix author: crevanfox

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