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Supernatural: Running Mates (The 4th spatial dimension Remix)

Original Fic: Running Mates, by little_missmimi
Remix: Running Mates (The 4th spatial dimension Remix) [Sam, Dean, 100 words, rated PG], by crevanfox

He runs.

If there's a track team he'll join it, because if he doesn't and the coach notices it's all sorts of unwanted attention.

They have to go unnoticed.

He runs.

The wind and the speed and the freedom are the only times Sam feels normal. He can shut out the world and his thoughts, that never shut up otherwise.

He runs.

Dean watches. He comes to the meets, and races him if there's no one else for Sam to compare himself to (it's one thing to run for pleasure, another thing to run faster than everyone else).

Sam runs, but he can't get away.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: supernatural, original author: little_missmimi, remix author: crevanfox

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