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Leverage/The Big Bang Theory: The Seat Reacquisition Conundrum (The Crossover Job Remix)

Original Fic: crack!comment!fic, by rodlox
Remix: The Seat Reacquisition Conundrum (The Crossover Job Remix) [Parker, Sophie, and the entire Big Bang Theory gang, 295 words, rated G], by melodyunity

“You’re in my seat,” Sheldon said to the strange blonde woman.
Well, unfamiliar, anyway, Penny thought as she sat down next to her. Penny didn’t know yet if she was strange or not, but it was unlikely; given the level of competition around here – she pointedly avoided looking over at Sheldon, who was hovering next to his usual corner of the sofa like an incredibly intelligent but socially awkward hummingbird – that bar was raised pretty high. “Hi, nice to meet you,” she said. “Are you the thieves who are going to steal back Raj’s research?”
“Yes,” the unfamiliar blonde woman said, and, okay, did she just lean over and sniff her hair? Strange it is, Penny thought, and inched surreptitiously away.
“No,” Wolowitz said. “I mean, what? I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s nothing illegal going on here at all, no siree, okay, how did you find out?”
“Relax,” said the brunette woman with the British accent and the fabulous shoes. “It’s not stealing if it belongs to you in the first place, is it. Think of it as…reacquiring.” She held up a flash drive and handed it to Raj, who looked like he was either going to cry from relief at having his data back or pass out from nerves at being around so many unfamiliar – okay, strange – women.
“While this is all very fascinating, it doesn’t alter the essential fact that she’s in my seat,” Sheldon said.
Without changing her expression, the blonde woman suddenly burst into laughter, and just as suddenly stopped. When she noticed everyone looking at her, she shrugged and said calmly, “He’s funny.”
“He’s something all right,” Leonard said.
“I’m glad my natural comedic gifts are finally being recognized,” said Sheldon, “but she's still in my seat.”
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: [crossovers], fandom: big bang theory (the), fandom: leverage, original author: rodlox, remix author: melodyunity

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