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Due South: The Snowy Day (Territorial Imperative Remix)

Original Fic: Winter Day, by akamine_chan
Remix: The Snowy Day (Territorial Imperative Remix) [Fraser/Kowalski & Dief, 300 words, rated G], by simplystars

Narrow your eyes against the blinding brightness of sunlight on clean-fresh-new snow; delicately draw frost-bitten air into your lungs. Scent your prey, map out your strategy in one lazy-slow blink.

Crouch low in front, careful of aching joints and tired muscles. Wiggle your hindquarters insouciantly behind – taunt him. Wag, wag, wag your fluffy flag-tail.

I’m gonna get you, you better run.

Lull him into a false sense of security. Allow gentle hands to push you off-balance; fall over in cold-wet-crunchy snow. Shake it off with a full-body wriggle.

Spring the trap. Dig in your claws, leap upwards. Pursue your prey!

Plow through a chest-high drift of snow; growl and nip at his boot heels. Bark and chase and bark and chase, around and around and around in slow, wide circles. Flick your ears; listen to his laughter echo in the still, clear air.

Can't catch me, can't catch me.

Snap at his pants; close your teeth around the cuff. Set your paws, stiff-shouldered, and TUG. Knock him off his feet, then -


Sit on him. Rest your rump squarely on his quivering stomach. Plant your paws against his shoulders, hold him firm against the [cold-wet-crunchy snow] ground, and


Target his vulnerabilities – the tender throat, the naked nape. Lick and lick and lick and LICK, cheeks and chin and ears ears EARS! Revel in his manic giggles, in his ineffectual squirming attempts to dodge your swiping tongue. Stop, oh God, you mutt, stop!

Nudge the wooly toque from his spiky-furry head; deliver the coup de grâce in one last lick across his forehead.

Look over at pack-Ben. Watch him watching the two of you wrestle in the snow. Mimic the indulgent curve of his smile, the hint of white teeth –

Reflect his joy.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: due south, original author: akamine_chan, remix author: simplystars

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