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Numb3rs: A Little Closer (The Recalculated Remix)

Original Fic: A Little Closer, by sororcula
Remix: A Little Closer (The Recalculated Remix) [Billy/Charlie, 150 words, rated PG], by emmademarais

"Guess you miscalculated that 'shortcut'…" Billy's so close Charlie can feel his exhalation ghost across his cheek as Billy lowers his voice, that southern rumble sparking through his body like the lightning that's flashing in the pouring rain outside the cabin. "Professor…"

"I just…" Charlie stammers, flustered as Billy steps into his personal space, heart rate quickening as he moves a little closer. "…didn't have all of the variables…" Billy's hand reaches out and Charlie all but holds his breath as Billy fingers a wet curl. He swallows hard, his Adam's apple bobbing. "That tree…"

"It's all right," Billy soothes, fingers grazing his neck. "Doesn't matter." They should be cold after getting caught in the rain, but the heat coming off Billy - coming off himself too, Charlie realizes - is making the small cabin feel close, making his nerve endings prickle like Billy's under his skin. "We're inside now."
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: numb3rs, original author: sororcula, remix author: emmademarais

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