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High School Musical: Caught Out There (The Judas Remix)

Original Fic: Confrontation, by amory_vain
Remix: Caught Out There (The Judas Remix) [Troy/Ryan, Sharpay, 150 words, rated G], by sour_louise

Sharpay sees them, huddled together in the corner of the music room, all open mouths and roaming hands, and she steps back, stifling a gasp.

She watches, peering round the corner as Ryan grabs Troy's ass, pulling him closer. Calm, Sharpay, calm, she tells herself. They're boys, after all, and boys have needs, she knows. Ryan is... well, Ryan, and that Gabriella with her faux-innocent act has probably gotten poor Troy so wound up that he'd need some kind of... relief.

She nods to herself, deciding she understands, but then she sees their faces. Ryan's smiling, lit up like he's at a Macy's shoe sale and Troy's grinning goofily back, eyes shining as he strokes his thumb gently, tenderly over Ryan's cheekbone.

Sharpay feels something inside of her twist up and snap, choking the breath out of her throat.

There are things, she suddenly knows, that can never be forgiven.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: high school musical, original author: amory_vain, remix author: sour_louise

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