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Leverage: Plants

Original Fic: Friends are a lot like plants, by amaresu
Remix: Plants [Parker, mentions of Elliot and Nate, 127 words, rated G], by mstatertot

Friends were like plants.

Parker stood in the empty kitchen unsure of what to do next. The feeling of understanding what being a friend meant that she had felt at Hardison’s explanation was slipping away from her. She didn’t want it to slip away. She wanted to hold on to it like money.

Friends were like plants.

If friends were like plants, did that mean she’d have to prune them? Nate probably needed a pruning, but Elliot really didn’t like it if anyone tried to do something to his hair.

Friends were like plants.

Water! Plants liked water, and if friends were like plants then friends liked water too. Parker smiled happily to herself.

Now, should she water Elliot, or would he prefer to do that himself?
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: leverage, original author: amaresu, remix author: mstatertot

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