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The O.C.: Six Impossible Things (Seth’s Morning List Remix)

Original Fic: Sam Jackson Ain't Got Nothing on These Two, by theswearingkind
Remix: Six Impossible Things (Seth’s Morning List Remix) [Seth/Ryan, 100 words, rated PG-13], by lilian_cho

1. Only sesame seed bagels left, and no cream cheese. My life, ladies and gentlemen.

2. Ate a bowl of Oreos for breakfast.

3. There’s a coffee ring stain on my X-men. I know I accidentally burned down Dad’s office, but a man’s comics are sacred.

4. Ryan kissed me to shut me up. Twice. (!!!)

5. Did a Samuel L. Jackson impression under my breath. Was sharing my bucket of popcorn, extra butter, with Ryan, when our shoulders bumped together. It was nice; not Summer-in-a-Wonder-Woman-outfit nice, but getting there.

6. Make out Share kisses with Ryan at the poolhouse.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: o.c. (the), original author: theswearingkind, remix author: lilian_cho

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