Be cool, Gail. Be cool. (amathela) wrote in remixthedrabble,
Be cool, Gail. Be cool.

Deadline approaching

The deadline is rapidly approaching, and time is nearly up to get your submissions in - only eight hours until all remixes are due. There are quite a few participants who still haven't sent in their primary remixes, so hopefully they'll be coming soon.

If you're one of those people who hasn't sent in a fic, and you know you aren't going to be able to finish by the deadline, please let us know. There is no penalty for defaulting before the due date with notification - simply email us at to tell us you're dropping out.

Pinch hits will be going out once the deadline is up. We'll be sending out group emails to everyone who said they could potentially pinch hit; if you said during sign ups that you might be able to pinch hit, but no longer can, just email us or comment here with your email address and we'll remove you from the list.

Fics are being posted, locked to the community, as they come in. The current plan is to start unlocking the fics and posting masterlists by fandom starting on Monday, so keep an eye out for the finished remixes, coming soon!
Tags: # mod talk #, -round 7-

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