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Numb3rs: Only God Can Forgive (The Just A Man Remix)

Original Fic: God is Forgiving, by mercilynn
Remix: Only God Can Forgive (The Just A Man Remix) [Don Eppes/Ian Edgerton, 260 words, rated PG-13], by sour_louise

"Call me Ian," he says, smiling, showing his teeth in that way he knows makes him look wolf-like, dangerous. They like him to look dangerous, he knows, these careful men with their curious eyes who've heard the stories, the rumors that Ian never bothers to dispel.

Mostly he keeps himself at a distance, maintains the mystery, but sometimes, he takes advantage. He's only human, after all, whatever the legends say.

And right now he's alone in a locked office with a guy in tight jeans who's staring at him like he's some kind of rock star.

He's only human.

"Call me Ian," he says.

"Don," says Don. "God is forgiving," he adds.

Ian narrows his eyes. What's this one's game? "I sure hope so," he says. "Or I'm screwed."

Don laughs nervously, his eyes flickering briefly over Ian's body. "No," he says, "your name. Ian. It means god is forgiving."

"So it does," says Ian, smiling again. "Are you in need of forgiveness, Don?" He steps closer, getting into the guy's personal space. To his credit, Don stands his ground, holds Ian's gaze. He's impressed. He likes a challenge.

"Maybe," Don says, lifting his chin. "Maybe I am."

"Only god can forgive, Don," says Ian. He grabs Don's shoulders, turning him roughly, meeting no resistance as he pushes him hard up against the wall. "And I'm just a man."

He presses his mouth to Don's neck, licking wet along the line of his throat, biting down hard on the tender skin.

"Shit," says Don. "God."

"No," Ian says. "Just me."
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: numb3rs, original author: mercilynn, remix author: sour_louise

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