remixabot (remixabot) wrote in remixthedrabble,

Doctor Who: They Laugh With All Their Might

Original Fic: How The Winds Are Laughing, by kerravonsen
Remix: They Laugh With All Their Might [Fifth Doctor, Donna Noble, 100 words, rated G], by purple_bug

Not many people would put this much effort into recovering lost memories. Most would fret for a while before eventually coming to terms with the loss. Not Donna. He must've seen that something special in her; he can see it now, in fact. She's determined, headstrong, speaks her mind. He's reminded of Tegan, and he smiles wistfully for a moment, glad that she finally got to where she wanted to be, but still missing her. He's always been a bit odd like that with his companions; they can irritate, interfere, condescend and make fun, and he still thinks they're fantastic.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: doctor who, original author: kerravonsen, remix author: purple_bug

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