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Firefly: Intuition (The Mother Knows Best Remix)

Original Fic: To Be A Dancer, by melodyunity
Remix: Intuition (the Mother Knows Best remix) [Regan and Gabriel Tam, 100 words, rated G, no warnings], by 2ndary_author

“It’s just—she’s very young,” Regan remarks, again, as they dress for dinner.

“Honestly, Regan,” Gabriel snaps, “this jealousy? Quite unattractive.”

Regan goes cold, then hot.

“It’s obvious to everyone,” Gabriel doesn’t even look up from his cufflinks. “You’ve always envied River, and now you want to deny her a wonderful opportunity.”

It’s not true. Well—it is: who wouldn’t covet River’s many talents? But that’s not why she objects to sending her daughter to the Alliance academy. Gabriel would enjoy the prestige, Simon can deny his sister nothing, but Regan knows when something is too good to be true.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: firefly, original author: melodyunity, remix author: 2ndary_author

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