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Merlin: Envy (The Curiosity Hurts Remix)

Original Fic: Envy, by lilian_cho
Remix: Envy (The Curiosity Hurts Remix) [Morgana, 100 words, rated PG], by rapunzelita

Morgana wonders what god she should pray to.

Uther taught her that there are no such things as gods, but he has been wrong before. (He taught her that spellcasters were all evil ; yet somehow she finds it hard to see anything malevolent in the girl burning on the pyre of her dream.)

She wonders if Uther would see her burning like this if he were to know about her nightmares.

Sometimes she thinks not knowing will kill her, but she never gets such respite.

So she keeps praying to whoever will hear her — for answers, for relief, for death.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: merlin, original author: lilian_cho, remix author: rapunzelita

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