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Tin Man: No Phony Smile (The Made Me What I Am Remix)

Original Fic: Crack!fic for kseda, by n_e_star
Remix: No Phony Smile (The Made Me What I Am Remix) [Azkadellia/Zero, Queen/Zero, 100 words, rated PG-15], by jedibuttercup

Two weeks after the Eclipse, Wyatt Cain reported Zero's tin suit mysteriously empty.

Azkadellia's gaze slid immediately to her mother at the news: to the tiny, satisfied curl at the corner of her mouth. She'd smiled that smile; knew the taste of her general's submission; remembered treating the Queen more as rival than daughter, and being treated so in turn.

Her mother's eyes met hers knowingly, and Azkadellia shivered, seeing reflections of Zero on his knees, Ambrose panting in chains. How much, these last years, had been the Witch, and how much heritage?

For her sister's sake, she'll never tell.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: tin man, original author: n_e_star, remix author: jedibuttercup
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