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One Tree Hill: Hoes over Bros (Summer Love Remix)

Original Fic: The Boys Of Summer, by amathela
Remix: Hoes over Bros (Summer Love Remix) [Brooke/Peyton, 105 words, rated T, femslash], by applepips16

At first, when they were young, they were Brooke and Peyton. Inseparable.

And then came Lucas Scott (and Brooke should have known that Lucas wouldn’t have stayed forever but he came, he saw and he divided). Then they became, Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer. Apart.

Then Lucas Scott goes. Once again they come together, this time as BrookeandPeyton. Forever.

And when Peyton leans into catch Brooke’s lips, as they form a silhouette against the setting summer sun, Brooke thinks that they were always meant to be. That eventually, there would be BrookeandPeyton and no one else in-between.

After all, it was Hoes over Bros right?
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: one tree hill, original author: amathela, remix author: applepips16

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