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Life With Derek: The Perfect Gift ( A.K.A Ralph is Awesome Remix)

Original Fic: Slicing Gifts, by ayadec
Remix: The Perfect Gift (A.K.A Ralph is Awesome Remix) [Ralph/Amanda, 390 words, rated K+], by applepips16

“Thanks Ralphie!” Amanda said enthusiastically as she threw her arms around him and hugged the life out of him. But Ralph didn’t mind. Hugs were his things other than specialty sandwiches and vinyl pants.

“This is the best gift ever,” she continued, her eyes bright and beaming as she looked over her bagel slicer. Ralph smiled modestly.

“It was nothing,” he said with even more modesty. However his brain was off on a different tangent. The gift had been the most difficult thing to buy ever. Ralph was a guy. Therefore, he had no clue about gifts for girls. He had Derek and Sam for best friends. One of them broke up with girls because he refused to get them gifts and the other had only one major relationship so far. Therefore, they had next to no clue either.

In a process that was rather logically fascinating, Ralph had carefully sorted who could help and who couldn’t help him. And though the logical feat had been of a simply marvelous kind, in the end it left Ralph in the middle of the mall, lost and confused and with still no clue as to what to get Amanda.

However then Ralph had an Idea. Maybe he should just think like Casey. He didn’t want to ask Casey per say because then he wouldn’t be able to give Amanda a gift that was Ralph – kind – of special but he could always think like Casey and therefore get Amanda the perfect gift.

It had taken some thinking and some backtracking to his earlier conversations with Amanda—one of which had involved the Ralphbagawich, Amanda’s lack of mad skills with bagel slicing and the general awesomeness of the Ralphbagawich that had blown Amanda away when the perfect idea for the gift struck him.

Of course, he would buy her a bagel slicer. Amanda liked the Ralphbagawich and she admired the way he cut the slices so evenly because she cut her bagels with a knife and whenever she did, she always ended up cutting herself. So getting her a bagel slicer seemed like an awesome idea because that way she wouldn’t cut her soft hands which he rather liked holding.

“ Seriously Ralphie, this awesome and you are awesome!” Amanda said once more with enthusiasm.

Ralph nodded smiling.

Yes, he was rather awesome.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: life with derek, original author: ayadec, remix author: applepips16

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