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Life With Derek: And The Reason Is You (Courtship 2.0 - Derek and Casey style Remix)

Orignal Fic: Mating Rituals, by moirariordan
Remix: And The Reason Is You (Courtship 2.0 - Derek and Casey style Remix) [Derek/Casey, 576 words, rated K+], by applepips16

“He expects me to come to his stupid little game! I mean, what does he think I am, his devoted slave or something?” Max blinks at this outburst from Casey. Sure it’s nothing new because Casey always talks and talks but she seems rather pissed off this time. Max doesn’t know if he should ask. Eh, what the heck, you only live once.

“Whose game?” he asks tentatively and he knows he should have backed off because Casey rounds on him like a tiger waiting to pounce. They are in his living room and she’s currently wearing down the carpet. His mom is NOT going to be happy.

“Derek’s of course!” Casey spits out with a bitter laugh and Max dosent exactly get the meaning here.

“It always all about him. Because he’s lord and master of the house after all. Whatever Derek says, it goes. He’s got everyone dancing on puppet strings and now after hurting my feelings by telling me that I was an unlucky charm, he wants me to go to his game. Can you believe the audacity” She suddenly turns on him and Max subtly inches backwards.

“Erm no, that was wrong of him.”

“He just asked me to come! He didn’t even give me a reason. I mean, he expects me to blow you off to come to his game. What kind of flaky girlfriend does he think I am?” She’s more or less talking to herself now and though Max is not smart, he’s not dumb either and he can tell, if Derek had given her a reason, she would have been there. He knows they hate each other but he also knows she would have been there.

“So now I am blowing him off because we are going out, right?” she turns to him with some amount of anxiety and it strikes Max that there’s something very fundamentally wrong here but why look a gift horse in the mouth?

“Of course. Wherever you want.” He says pleasantly and she smiles wistfully and he wonders, how long this will last.


“She’s blowing me off for that cardboard!” Derek bursts out before he can even sit down at the table. However Ralph and Sam continue eating calmly. This happens ONLY every other day. And by now they have learnt that nothing ever comes in the way of food.

“I asked her to the game and instead she tells me she’s going out with that sorry excuse for a tangerine.” Ralph politely excuses himself from this conversation and sets off in search for a tangerine while Sam sighs and puts his meatball sub down.

“You asked?” he questions delicately and Derek mumbles something.

“O f course I did.” Sam raises a skeptical eyebrow. “Okay Sherlock, I simply assumed she was coming.”

“And I gather she didn’t take too kindly to that,” Sam says dryly.

“No she didn’t. But I don’t get it. Why would she blow me off for him?” Derek questions, annoyed at the thought that Casey would rather be with Max than come to his game.

“Did you give her a reason?” Sam questions meaningfully and Derek’s cheeks flush painfully as he recalls the encounter in the bathroom that ended with her storming out because he didn’t give her reason.

“Thought so,” Sam says quietly and goes back to his lunch. And Derek stares down at his.

He wanted too. And he thought she knew too.

But he just couldn’t say it.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: life with derek, original author: moirariordan, remix author: applepips16

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