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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly: The Storm's Eye (Somewhere Glory Is Screaming Remix)

Original Fic: Suddenly Sister, by jedibuttercup
Remix: The Storm's Eye (Somewhere Glory Is Screaming Remix) [Dawn/River, 200 words, rated G, post-Chosen and Post-Serenity (BDM)], by duh_i_read

Watching him, River can still feel Mal’s confusion like a drop in barometric pressure.

“Do you remember before?” River says, twisting the string around her fingers.

“Before what?” Dawn asks.

“Before you were a Reynolds?”

“Wasn’t anything before I was a Reynolds. Just like you weren’t anything before you were a Tam.”

“You were a part of the ‘verse before, in every atom but before this you were another suddenly slipped in sister were there was none.” River stretched her hands out to Dawn

Dawn slips her little fingers over where the stings cross each other. Moving her fingers down and through the string, the whole structure now strung between her hands. She studies the half formed Eye.

“I’m real. No matter what you keep telling Mal. And I don’t know why your worried about me bein safe, Mal always keeps me safe.” Dawn offered her hands to River, the dark string needing only her fingers to complete it.

River reaches in, twinning her fingers to make a Storm’s Eye. She pulls away, taking it all in her hands. “Yes, he does.”

River sees a swirl of color forming in the Eye; can still hear the faint echo of screaming.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: [crossovers], fandom: buffy the vampire slayer, fandom: firefly, original author: jedibuttercup, remix author: duh_i_read

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