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Merlin: Done Dreaming (Calling Him Home Remix)

Original Fic: Done Dreaming, by sophinisba
Remix: Done Dreaming (Calling Him Home Remix) [Gwen/Lancelot, 100 words, rated PG-13], by veleda_k

a magic
older and deeper
than any sorcerer knows.
He feels it every night
while he dreams of his lady
Not left behind, but there and real.
She's dark and warm, her arms encircling him
as he tastes her, so rich, deep, and hungry.
He awakes aching and unsatisfied, and imagines her fingers, rough
with the experience of ages, bringing him to her.
He does not go farther down the road.
He turns around, towards Camelot's mighty spires.
His lady is waiting for him
and he cannot stay away.
He is done dreaming.
And she is
calling him
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: merlin, original author: sophinisba, remix author: veleda_k

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