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Reaper/Heroes: Pleased to meet you (I’m a man of wealth and taste remix)

Original Fic: Brief Encounter, by visiblemarket
Remix: Pleased to meet you (I’m a man of wealth and taste remix) [Peter Petrelli, the Devil, 260 words, rated PG], by nessataleweaver

He loves hospitals. The pain, the suffering, the desperation. His favorite places are the hospice wing – because everything’s just so drawn out! – and the chapel. The taste of anger and frustration from someone whose prayers just couldn’t get answered is just… yummy!

Maybe it’s His upstairs opponent’s turn to be fate’s bitch this week, because when He wanders through the cafeteria (nothing says misery like hospital food!), He nearly stops dead in astonishment.

The most powerful man in the entire world – in a few years. The father of the next evolution of the human race – without his lodestone and mate.

Just. Sitting. There.

He just stops Himself from laughing when He realizes that Peter thinks He’s making sexual advances. Not that He wouldn’t just love to get His hands on this beautiful young man, but it’s not Peter Petrelli’s body that He’s after.

A brief encounter is enough to take the young man’s measure, and it’s really quite refreshing to find out just how few of the sins Peter is vulnerable to.

He can definitely strike ambition – even disguised as Doing the Right Thing. Figures that Peter would be the odd man out in the Petrelli family in more than one way.

He’s actually rather glad He didn’t get anywhere. Some opponents are far too interesting to be friends.

But then, Peter does have an angelic-looking blonde niece, down in Texas. They’re going to meet in a few years, one way or another.

Maybe lust, wrapped in the most forbidden love, will do the trick?

Hey, it’s worth a shot!
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: [crossovers], fandom: heroes, fandom: reaper, original author: visiblemarket, remix author: nessataleweaver

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