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Battlestar Galactica: Just This Night (The Ambrosia And Anger Remix)

Original Fic: Wanton Stupidity, by trialia
Remix: Just This Night (The Ambrosia And Anger Remix) [Bill Adama/Kara Thrace, 165 words, rated R, restraint], by akamine_chan

He always did stupid things when he was drunk. Let go his iron control and just let go.

He didn't regret it at the time, letting her hold him down, letting her think she was in control. He didn't fight her, because this was something that he'd wanted but would never, ever let himself think about. It was wrong, it was frakked, but he couldn't get her out of his mind.

"I'm not your father," he'd hissed, anger and grief, wine and ambrosia.

He'd never wanted to be a father to her and it made him distant and detached.

"Frak you, I know that!" she'd growled, as he flipped them around, trapping her under his weight and thrusting hard.

She was young, and tight around him, and he let himself focus on how it felt to be inside of her. He didn't think about Zak, or Lee, or how it would be in the morning.

He remembers, after. She doesn't. Too drunk.

Thank the gods.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: battlestar galactica, original author: trialia, remix author: akamine_chan

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