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Leverage: The Dinner Job (The Emeril Lagasse Remix)

Original Fic: The Dinner Job, by rodlox
Remix: The Dinner Job (The Emeril Lagasse Remix) [Ensemble, 100 words, rated T], by moirariordan

“I told you I was going out for explosive cupcakes.”

“Are you drunk?” Nate asked, eyes narrowed and arms crossed.

“No.” Sophie held one out to Hardison, who eyed it warily. “Go on.”

Hardison took it gingerly, making an expression at Eliot that implied something along the lines of ‘this bitch is crazy,’ and moved to take a bite.

“BAM!” Hardison squeaked and dropped the cupcake, causing a frightened hush to fall over the room. In the corner, Parker covered her head with a blanket. “Get it?” Sophie grinned. “Bam? Do you get it?”

Nate was unimpressed. “So…you are drunk?”
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: leverage, original author: rodlox, remix author: moirariordan

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