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Life With Derek: Writing Love (The Fuck My Life Remix)

Original Fic: Writing Love, by ayadec
Remix: Writing Love (The Fuck My Life Remix) [Derek/Casey implied, 100 words, rated T], by moirariordan

“Son,” said Derek, “of a bitch.”

Melanie looked over, vaguely alarmed. “What? Did we get the latte wrong?”

“Oh God,” replied Derek. “I think I just got an ulcer. Like, just now. A spontaneous ulcer.”

“That’s irrational,” Melanie informed him, but helped him to a seat anyway. “Can I get you a paper bag, or…anti-depressants?”

“Who’s that?” Derek blinked as hard as he could, but that never worked in real life.

“Mike?” Melanie scowled.

“No, the girl. The brunette, angry one.” Derek swallowed. “Oh God.”

“That’s Casey McDonald.” Melanie frowned. “Why, do you owe her money?”

“Son of a bitch.”
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: life with derek, original author: ayadec, remix author: moirariordan

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