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Farscape: Our Bodies, Our Selves (Altered States Remix)

Original Fic: How the Other Half Lives, by astrogirl2
Remix: Our Bodies, Our Selves (Altered States Remix) [Scorpius, 100 words, rated G], by kernezelda

He has wondered… if the wormhole knowledge resides within brain or mind. The question now is of practicality, not philosophy.

Moya’s pursuing crew adapted too quickly to mind/body misalignment, but the carrier is closer than they realize. Despite past... conflicts, Grayza will welcome Scorpius’ return – if for nothing else, to wreak vengeance upon the body he currently possesses.

Fortunate that Crichton's mind inhabits Aeryn; brief temperature spikes had incapacitated her and the Aurora Chair is tuned to Sebacean physiology. Scorpius has survived it before. So has John.

Brain or mind: either way, Scorpius has access. Soon, he will take control.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: farscape, original author: astrogirl2, remix author: kernezelda

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