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Lost: A Body (The All We Are Remix)

Original fic: Lost, by mstatertot
Remix: A Body (The All We Are Remix) [Ana-Lucia, Sayid, 250 words, rated PG-13 for violence and language], by sophinisba

Stupid. It's her fault for letting it happen, her own goddamn fault for letting her guard down. If anyone ought to understand about revenge (understand that it's not rational, understand that the consequences don't matter, understand it won't make you feel better but that's not the fucking point) it's her.

Her wrists are chafed from the useless (she knows it's useless) straining against the rope. Her shoulders ache from having her arms tied behind her back. It's hot, she has to pee, she can't scratch the bites on her ankles, she's sunburned and any second now she'll be bleeding too.

"I'll scream," she says, suppressing a shudder as his knife moves over her cheek, "I'll scream so loud they'll hear me on the other side of the island. Think they'll let you back to their camp after that? Think anybody's gonna give a damn about you, once they find—"

The body in a parking lot, six bullet wounds to the chest, three fired at close range. Elevated blood alcohol content. Jason McCormack, six arrests for burglary and assault. A body, a woman's body, tied to a tree in the jungle with her throat cut. Ana-Lucia Cortez, former police officer.

"I am quite aware of what I am doing." Sayid gets up, leaving Ana-Lucia to scream her lungs out as he walks away, toward the beach, the sea. "I am going home," and all she can see is a body, a woman's body, bleeding in his arms in the rain.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: lost, original author: mstatertot, remix author: sophinisba

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