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Supernatural: Take a Breath…Make It Deep (The Last One You Get Remix)

Original Fic: Hidden Journal, by sailorhathor
Remix: Take a Breath…Make It Deep (The Last One You Get Remix) [John Winchester, 100 words, rated G], by pdxscaper

To tell the truth, John Winchester always thought it would end something like this. But he never anticipated having to tell his oldest son that his brother was responsible for killing their mother. It wasn't fair to unload this burden onto Dean, but John trusted him to do right by Sam.

Even all those years ago when he'd thrust Sammy into Dean's arms and told him to take care of his brother, John knew Dean would do just that.

They were smart. They'd figure it out and be okay.

They had to be. Otherwise, this would all be for nothing.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: supernatural, original author: sailorhathor, remix author: pdxscaper

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