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Farscape: It's a Long Trip Alone (The Everybody Needs a Hand to Hold Remix)

Original fic: Meeting Family, by kernezelda
Remix: It's a Long Trip Alone (The Everybody Needs a Hand to Hold Remix) [Olivia Crichton, 500 words, rated G], by pdxscaper

It should have been her brother showing her around Moya. Explaining how everything worked—how he thought everything worked—in a stream of awestruck words. But he'd been called away and Aeryn had volunteered to give her the tour. As they made their way to the pilot's den, Olivia could sense the other woman's curiosity about all things John, which was not unlike her own. It took an effort, but she reined in all her questions and quelled her urgent need to know everything about John's experience since he'd vanished into the wild blue yonder. Instinctively, she knew she'd scare Aeryn away if she let her emotions pour out between them.

On Moya there was an easiness about the tall, slender woman that wasn't apparent when she was on Earth. Olivia didn't find that odd. Aeryn and the others hadn't had a moments peace since they had stepped foot on Earth. Poked and prodded, they were under constant scrutiny, powerless to do anything about it. She and her father had tried their best to make them feel welcome because they knew how much it meant to John, but that didn't stop the wave of sometimes unpleasant attention. Not only could people be rude and ignorant, they could be downright offensive when push came to shove. People constantly asked stupid questions with a show of superiority to try to conquer their own insignificance in the whole scheme of things.

It was calming on Moya. Olivia liked the warmth and thrum of energy. She could see her brother at ease here, falling in love with this ship while at the same time falling in love with this quiet, fierce woman who was not as aloof as she appeared. Oh, John was in love with Aeryn, Olivia was sure of that. Even though something was off between the two of them at the moment, she knew her brother well enough to see he was more than smitten. And she could tell Aeryn had feelings too by the way she dodged Olivia’s observation that she and John seemed pretty close. 'Comrades for several cycles'…was Aeryn's terminology as she hustled them down the passageway. It didn't take a rocket scientist to read the body language and careful choice of words to discern the feeling underneath. Alien or not, it seemed denial was universal.

As if the enormity of what she had already seen wasn't enough to overwhelm her, Olivia felt a bubble of emotion rise in her chest when Aeryn asked if she'd like to hear about some of John's adventures. He'd hardly told them anything which only made her want to know more. Before, she had always been able to wait her brother out, sure his enthusiasm would eventually win out and he'd spill everything. Now, she was afraid it was too late, that circumstances had changed John and she'd never be able to get her brother back. All Olivia could do was hope that she could find a way to bridge the distance.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: farscape, original author: kernezelda, remix author: pdxscaper

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