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Supernatural: Two Glasses and a Night Full of Screams (The Relativism Remix)

Original Fic: Two Glasses and a Night Full of Screams, by keerawa
Remix: Two Glasses and a Night Full of Screams (The Relativism Remix) [Bobby Singer, 200 words, rated PG-13, no warnings], by theswearingkind

Sam’s screams echo in his ears, and Bobby remembers when things were simpler.

Not back before his wife died – that was a kind of complicated all its own; for all that he misses her like a fist around the heart, he can’t bring himself to wish her here for everything that followed. One person lives easier than two, even if the living’s a little less worth doing – these boys will have to learn that one day, in however long they’ve got left.

No, what Bobby misses is the days he could tell right from wrong without having to think on it – when the knowledge was like sweat about to break skin, there whether he knew it or not. Never thought he’d see a time when demon blood would seem like anything less than a cut-and-dry sign to raise the barrels and aim for the heart, but things are different now. It’s end times.

Sam screams again, loud and sharp as lightning and twice as painful. If this keeps up, he won’t last much longer. Neither of them will.

Later, Bobby’ll know he didn’t open the door – he’ll hate himself for it, but he’ll be glad it opened, all the same.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: supernatural, original author: keerawa, remix author: theswearingkind

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