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Harry Potter: In Memory (The Comes Full Circle Remix)

Original Fic: In Memory, by et_tu_lj
Remix: In Memory (The Comes Full Circle Remix) [Kreacher, Regulus Black, 200 words, rated PG, no warnings], by theswearingkind

at 18, Master falls away. Kreacher tries him, Kreacher begs him – Master will not stir. And Kreacher, Kreacher cannot wait, Kreacher goes. Kreacher must – Kreacher must do as he is told, Kreacher must do what Master made him swear. Kreacher takes the awful locket – Kreacher goes.

at 15, Kreacher lies to Mistress, and Master lets Kreacher stay. And Kreacher stays, stays because it is good, it is goodness, it is a gift – a gift to serve the Noble House of Black, but a miracle to be allowed to do as Master bids.

at 9, Kreacher is fierce, livid with the elder for tormenting young Master. Kreacher will punish himself later, fifty lashes for the fury, one hundred for letting it loose – but now Kreacher is only proud, proud of what he can do, what he can do for Master with what he has.

at 1, Mistress gives the new one over to Kreacher, tells him to take the child and go – Mistress needs her rest, Mistress must rest. Kreacher will tend, Kreacher will do as Mistress bids, Kreacher will – young Master stirs in Kreacher’s arms, then sleeps again. Kreacher takes young Master – Kreacher goes. Kreacher will not let him fall.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: harry potter, original author: et_tu_lj, remix author: theswearingkind

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