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Torchwood: By Any Other Name (The Arbitrary Labels Remix)

Original Fic: Quaint Little Categories, by joking
Remix: By Any Other Name (The Arbitrary Labels Remix) [Jack Harkness, 150 words, rated G], by lilfluffykitten

It was easy to forget that labels once had so much importance attached to them, but even allowing for simpler times and differing mindsets Kel still doesn‘t really understand. Feeling that dizzying freedom when climbing the ancient trees, far higher than strictly allowed but worth the inevitable scolding to feel the warm sun beyond the heavy canopy.

The sudden sting of pain when a classmate feinted to the left before unexpectedly lunging forward with a hard punch, the ring of chanting children surrounding them finally silenced by the felling blow.

The light touch causing a spreading flush across the skin. Breath stuttering in anticipation of the kiss that, when it does at last come, is enough to make time freeze and the heart miss a beat.

Joy, pain, sorrow, love - all these feelings are special things and the addition of an arbitrary label wouldn’t change the experience at all.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: torchwood, original author: joking, remix author: lilfluffykitten

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